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Land at Grove Farm, Robertsbridge, as shown on the Proposals Map, is allocated for housing development. The development land amounts to some 0.9 hectares. Access would be from George Hill.

Proposals will be permitted where:-

  1. at least 30 dwellings are provided to include housing for the elderly with 40% of the dwellings to be ‘affordable’.
  2. access is provided to George Hill, together with developer contributions, improved access arrangements for pedestrians and cyclists to Robertsbridge Station;
  3. developer contributions are made to provide for a childrens play area on land adjacent to the housing allocation;
  4. developer contributions are made towards educational needs at Robertsbridge Community College;
  5. field investigations, in respect of the area of archaeological interest, are undertaken before planning permission is granted;
  6. a planting scheme to provide a tree belt 30 metres in width immediately to the east of the housing allocation and children’s play area, as indicated on Inset Map 30, is carried out at the time of the development to provide screening on the higher land between the housing and the Robertsbridge bypass.

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