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Land north of the A265 on the west side of Etchingham, as shown on the Proposals Map, is allocated for primary school, village hall, recreation and housing purposes.

Proposals will be permitted where:-

  1. a comprehensive mixed-use scheme is put forward embracing all the above elements;
  2. provision is made for the land for community facilities to be secured and constructed as part of the development, to be set out in a legal agreement, and shall include provision that the community facilities are provided in parallel with the housing development, or as otherwise agreed by the Local Planning Authority;
  3. at least 15 dwellings-are provided at the south-west of the site, as shown on the Proposals Map, of which 40% are affordable;
  4. structural landscape proposals, including woodland, street belts and open spaces are brought forward and implemented as an integral part of proposals;
  5. a new joint access Is provided off the A265, improved access arrangements for pedestrians into Etchingham are secured and an appropriate traffic calming scheme on the A265 in the vicinity of the site is implemented.

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