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All development shall, wherever reasonably practicable, be carried out in a location and manner which will promote more sustainable travel choice. Applications for planning permission may be required to demonstrate how the proposed development will promote sustainable travel choice.

Improvements in the availability, quality and efficiency of sustainable transport opportunities including quality bus routes, cycle networks, priority for pedestrians and related facilities will be sought, including through supplementary guidance and in the determination of planning applications.

In particular, development proposals will only be permitted where they provide, or contribute to, the new or improved transport facilities and services (including improved links to bus, cycle and footpath networks that connect to local services such as shopping centres and schools) that are necessary to make the development acceptable in sustainable transport terms, and do not result in the loss of sustainable transport facilities.

Where the provision of infrastructure, facilities or improved services are required, the provision will be secured by planning condition or legal agreement in respect of funding contributions, off-site works or phasing. 

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