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Land between South Undercliff and Rock Channel Rye as defined on the Proposals Map, is allocated for housing, open space and appropriate commercial uses. Detailed proposals will beformulated through a comprehensive Development Brief. This should provide for:

  1. selective redevelopment that makes efficient and effective use of the land;
  2. high density housing, including 40% affordable housing;
  3. commercial uses that complement the town’s tourism and marine functions together with suitable office uses;
  4. a riverside walk capable of linking to Strand Quay and the Fishmarket site;
  5. a suitable alternative site for the allotments in the event of their relocation;
  6. improved access and parking arrangements, as well as pedestrian links to the town centre;
  7. the timing of development related to the completion of planned flood protection works.

Development proposals in this area will only be permitted where they accord with the above principles, form part of comprehensive proposals for its redevelopment and renewal, and be subject to further assessment of their regeneration benefits, environmental and transport implications.

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