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New housing developments will be permitted where their layout and design provides sustainable residential environments, including by demonstrating the following principles:

  1. creation of a strong sense of place that relates well to the existing street pattern;
  2. provision of linkages to existing development, especially to local services;
  3. priority to pedestrians in highway design and ready access to bus services;
  4. respect for the context of the development including, where appropriate, for local vernacular building designs, styles, traditional forms of construction and materials;
  5. provision of new community facilities appropriate to securing sustainable development, wherever practicable, and with good links to the areas they serve;
  6. subject to any over-riding environmental considerations, making best use of land by achieving an overall net density of at least 30 dwellings per hectare, with higher densities in locations more accessible to frequent public transport routes and a range of local facilities;
  7. a strong landscape framework formulated at the outset, making best use of existing landscape features;
  8. in larger housing developments, a layout that is both coherent and creates identifiable individual housing areas by making good use of trees and hedgerows, open spaces, natural features, road networks, dwelling layouts and design;
  9. suitable provision is made for public open space, including play space in accordance with Policy CF4;
  10. the visual and amenity impact of parked cars is minimised, while still providing adequate provision in accordance with Policy TR3;
  11. informal surveillance of open areas and transport corridors is encouraged.

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