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In exceptional circumstances, planning permission may be granted for residential development outside development boundaries in order to meet a local housing need among those people unable to compete in the normal housing market.

Proposals for development will be considered in the context of the following:

  1. There should be clear evidence of an unsatisfied housing need in the town/village or parish that cannot be met through normal market mechanisms;
  2. The proposed development should be of a size, cost and type appropriate to those people in local housing need established in (i) above;
  3. Any proposal should ensure that occupation can be controlled through appropriate legal agreements to meet the local housing needs of those people unable to compete in the normal housing market in the town/village or parish both now and in the future;
  4. The proposed development should be well located within or adjacent to an existing settlement and be of an appropriate scale and character in keeping with existing development in the locality and normally provide good access to local facilities, e.g. shops and schools;
  5. The proposed development should not be intrusive in the landscape and should be in keeping with the character of the surrounding development and locality;
  6. The proposed development should meet normal local planning and highway authority criteria for access, parking, retention of trees, landscaping and impact on neighbouring properties;
  7. A legal agreement will be required to secure the above objectives.   

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