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Proposals for new dwellings in the countryside will be refused unless it:

  1. is for the replacement of an existing dwelling on a one for one basis, subject to meeting the criteria at Policy GD1, the replacement dwelling being within the same curtilage and of a comparable size; exceptionally, a somewhat larger dwelling may be acceptable where it would be more in keeping with the character of the locality in terms of its siting, design and materials;
  2. is the conversion (without the need for substantial rebuilding) of a building in accordance with Policy HG11;
  3. can be demonstrated by the applicant to be essential for the running of an enterprise which must be in a countryside location and is of an appropriate size and directly related to the enterprise; or
  4. is housing for local people unable to compete in the local housing market, subject to the criteria in Policy HG2 bove;
  5. is the conversion or sub-division of an existing larger property where it is the only effective means of reusing it and meets the criteria in Policy GD1.

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