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In the countryside, proposals for additional static caravan and chalet accommodation for holiday purposes will not be permitted unless it would result in a significant improvement in the appearance of an existing site or is essential in association with a rural enterprise and otherwise meets the policies of the Plan.

The provision of additional touring caravan and tented camping facilities will be considered against the other policies in this Plan and the following criteria:-

  1. new sites shall be restricted to those areas where they have an acceptable environmental impact, and the value of inland sites as a counter attraction to the coast will be considered when determining applications. Ideally the site shall not be visible from public roads, open spaces or footpaths;
  2. the proposal should not significantly detract from the needs of agriculture;
  3. the proposal should not adversely affect the amenities of residents in nearby dwellings;
  4. applications for new pitches should be accompanied by comprehensive landscaping proposals in all cases;
  5. suitable residential accommodation that is operationally necessary for site management may be permitted with appropriate conditions and safeguards;
  6. occupancy accords with Policy EM11 below;
  7. essential services should be readily available and of sufficient capacity, i.e., water, power, sewerage/sewage disposal, refuse disposal.
  8. would not be in an area that is not defended against the 1 in 100 year fluvial or 1 in 200 year tidal flood event.

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