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New development and land use changes shall accord with the overall spatial strategy for the distribution of development in Rother District up to 2011, which is to:

  1. encourage the most effective and efficient use of land within existing settlement development boundaries, especially previously developed land;
  2. accommodate a substantial part of the need for new development in an urban extension to the north-east and north of Bexhill, planned as a new community integrated with a major business land release well related to the planned Link Road;
  3. provide for some development in Battle and Rye that helps maintain their service centre roles and is consistent with environmental constraints;
  4. provide for limited growth of selected villages that contain a range of services, where new development will help support and, where appropriate, improve such services, contribute to local housing needs and be compatible with the character and setting of the village;
  5. allow for “internal growth” of other villages within their development boundaries (i.e., small-scale infill and redevelopment) and otherwise assist their future as sustainable communities by providing some flexibility in relation to the siting of community facilities and affordable housing; and
  6. continue to generally restrict new development in the countryside, including resisting the intensification of sporadic development and existing smaller settlements, for which there is no development boundary, whilst promoting sustainable land-based industries and sensitive diversification, primarily for employment uses.

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