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Development of new or in connection with existing equestrian establishments will be permitted provided:-

  1. there will be no significant adverse effect on the landscape character of the area nor on the residential amenities of dwellings in the locality;
  2. the development normally involves a change of use of existing farm buildings or is within or adjacent to such building;
  3. where new buildings are involved, they must be located, and designed and of materials in keeping with its rural setting, with particular attention will be paid to new proposals in the High Weald Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty;
  4. the proposal will not give rise to additional traffic problems in the area;
  5. where the enterprise will involve riders making additional use of bridleways in the area, they must be adequate in extent to accommodate that use without prejudicing their continued use by other users including walkers and cyclists. Where they are not, a planning obligation will be sought with the applicant and the County Highway Authority to secure necessary improvements to the routes.

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