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Land between Bexhill and St. Leonards, from Galley Hill in the south to the proposed Link Road to the north, as shown on the Proposals Map, is allocated as a Countryside Park.

Within the Countryside Park area, proposals will only be acceptable where they:

  1. are consistent with the establishment and maintenance of the area as a key recreational and amenity resource for Bexhill and Hastings and their wider catchment; and
  2. provide for the proper conservation and, where appropriate, management of the Site of Special Scientific Interest and the Site of Nature Conservation Importance within it; and
  3. accord with the proper protection of areas at risk of flooding, in accordance with Policy DS1; or
  4. are in compliance with other relevant development plan policies for this site.

A management plan will develop a detailed framework for the layout of the Countryside Park, and will in due course provide a supplementary planning document.

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