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Land north of Sidley, Bexhill, including Oaktree Farm and Preston Hall Farm, as shown on the Proposals Map, is allocated for major business development, together with housing and open space within a generous landscape setting.

Proposals will be permitted where the following criteria are met:

  1. a comprehensive scheme is put forward, embracing both residential and business elements, to be progressed in parallel and provide for job creation at the earliest opportunity;
  2. some 26,000m2 of business floorspace shall be provided. This will be mostly light manufacturing and offices, falling within Class B1 of the Use Classes Order; Class B2 (general industry) and Class B8 (storage) uses will only be allowed in visually contained locations away from housing;
  3. at least 130 dwellings shall be developed, of which 40% shall be affordable, with no sub areas to be developed at less than 30 dwellings per hectare;
  4. proposals for structural open spaces, landscape and woodland belts shall be developed and implemented as an integral part of proposals;
  5. the layout and design of the residential development shall accord with the principles laid out in Policy HG4 and incorporate open spaces and play areas in accordance with Policy CF4 in addition to the strategic “green” spaces and corridors and woodland areas shown;
  6. there shall be no new dwellings in the vicinity of Preston Hall to the north of the allocated housing area;
  7. vehicular access shall be from the Link Road via the Country Avenue local distributor road with a loop road to connect the employment areas to the local distributor road;
  8. a local distributor road shall form the northern edge of built development and shall be laid out as a wide “country avenue”, contained to the north by a strong landscape tree belt; this shall incorporate a bus route and segregated cycleway/footway, which connect key destinations within the development and beyond, as indicated diagrammatically on the Proposals Map including the “Green Links” along Buckholt Lane and to Watermill Lane;
  9. housing development will be accessed by an access road from the western end of northern avenue, with pedestrian/cycle access only to adjoining residential areas;
  10. development contributions are made towards off-site improvements to related community facilities, transport and other supporting infrastructure. Development proposals will be subject to a Transport Assessment and Travel Plan, but may relate to high frequency bus services/facilities to Bexhill town centre and north Hastings, pedestrian and cycle links to Sidley, Bexhill town centre and the Countryside Park. Contributions would also be required towards the Countryside Park, recreational provision; library improvements and secondary school provision.  

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