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Proposals for development and change in Bexhill should be compatible with and, wherever practicable, contribute positively to the following objectives:

  1. to develop its residential, employment, shopping and service centre functions;
  2. to provide for both the growth of local firms and appropriate inward investment in order to improve the range of job opportunities for local people as well as to ensure that residential development is sustainable;
  3. to ensure that development is of a rate and form compatible with the town’s environment and amenities, whilst also contributing to a long-term spatial vision;
  4. to promote the regeneration of the town centre in a way that reflects its unique character and cultural assets;
  5. to significantly improve accessibility both within the town and to important employment centres, especially Hastings, by all modes of transport;
  6. to maintain and enhance the town’s distinctive character and identity, including maintaining the strategic gap to St. Leonards in accordance with Policy DS5.

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